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Examples of Leadership

· Vice President of the National Business Association
· In that role, designed First Step, recognized by USA Today as one of the top 10 innovations to help small businesses

· Appointee to a dozen state and national boards
· Manager, consultant, or evaluator on over 100 government programs, including many in Portland
· Director of a state level government program in Ohio

· Coordinated the team designing national standards for teachers.
· Owner and Publisher of the #1 ranked Web site for "K-12 education"
· Taught graduate level courses at a major university
· Advisor for evaluation of instruction for a major university
· Past reviewer for ERIC grants and Grants of National Significance
· Developer of the 5-year technology plan for the National Library
· Managed the evaluation of numerous education and prevention efforts

Job Development
· Evaluator for the Youth Opportunities Network and consultant for Model One, one of the largest vocational education programs

Community Development
· Developed a process to monitor community development, as well as serving as evaluator for community development programs

Sustainable Development
· His plan for "sustainable planet development" is ranked #1 on the Web

Health Care
· Developed a national prevention plan for the National Association for Retarded Citizens
· Advisory board member for state level health programs in Ohio
· Directed development of the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Plan
· His Board led Ohio's coordination efforts for $2 billion in services for persons with disabilities
· Directed a $2 million per year program in services for persons with developmental disabilities
· Consultant to the Oregon Division of Health

Protection and Safety
· Evaluated the National Model Program for Law-Education

· Conducted a study for the Oregon Division of Health and the National Office of Minority Affairs for improving communication between government agencies and ethnic communities
· His resources on "multicultural training" rank #1 on Google
· Provided training in cultural competence for the Oregon Human Services Department

Current Profession
· Owner and Director of the Evaluation and Development Institute.
(Consulting firm to improve government, education, and business; publishes the #1 Web site for K-12 education.)

· Ph.D., with specialization in program evaluation and development, The Ohio State University, 1973

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Event Calender

May 8-15
Watch for television version of KPSU interview on cable.
May 11
"Discussion For Change" on Channel 30 TV 9:30pm

May 12
Presentation on Channel 22 TV 7-7:30pm.

May 12
"Discussion For Change" on Channel 11 TV 8:00pm

May 12-18
K-Lite 106.7 Radio spots at various times
May 13
"Discussion For Change" on Channel 30 TV 8:30am &
Channel 21 TV 11pm
May 13
Mayor's Forum MCTV 7-8pm
May 13
Presentation on Channel 23 TV 9:30-10pm
May 14
"Discussion For Change" on Channel 23 TV 12 noon & Channel 30 TV  7pm
May 15
"Discussion For Change" on Channel 22 TV 12 noon & Channel 30 TV  7pm
May 16
"Discussion For Change" on Channel 30 TV 3:30pm
May 17
"Discussion For Change" on Channel 23 TV 12 midnight, Channel 21 TV 3pm, Channel 30 TV  9:30pm & Channel 21 TV 11pm
May 18

"Discussion For Change" on Channel 30 TV 12 noon

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